Doncaster Rail Community Workshop 28th March 2012

I’m sure that many of you have been keenly following the Doncaster Rail Study, and maybe have even attended some of their public community events.

I attended the second community workshop at the Marwal Centre last night, and it was very pleasing to see such a big turnout of people (about 60-70 people turned up). It was an informative and useful session, as it allowed members of the community to discuss this important issue both amongst themselves and with many of the key people involved in the study, including the Study Leader, Tim Gosbell.

The session not only involved getting information from the study team, but also for the community to have its say in the study. We were able to talk frankly with the study team and write down and discuss amongst ourselves at our tables about the three themes that have been proposed.

Overall, a very useful meeting and I hope that the input that the team received from us will be given the consideration that it deserves!

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