Cyclists don’t pay road tax?

Something heard far, far too often in any discussion involving people who ‘oppose cycling’ is that cyclists don’t pay ‘road tax’, registration fees or fuel excise and therefore have no right to use roads.

This is an argument full of holes and which Bicycle Network Victoria have summed up nicely in a short document available on their website.

You can read the document yourself, but it may be summarised as follows:

  1. Everyone pays taxes – revenues derived from fuel excises etc. don’t necessarily go towards infrastructure (besides, most cyclists are car owners anyway).
  2. Motor vehicle taxes don’t even pay the full cost of the infrastructure anyway.
  3. The consequences of not providing more bicycle facilities are large, expensive and very damaging.
  4. Bicycles are legal road vehicles.

There is plenty of other discussion and information out there on this issue, some of which is listed below:


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