Station patronage in Victoria for 2013-2018

I have recently acquired patronage data for all railway stations in Victoria between 2013-2018.

After requests to Public Transport Victoria and V/Line were answered last week, I compiled this data into two spreadsheets for your viewing pleasure:

I will be writing a series of posts interrogating this data more closely over the coming weeks.


13 thoughts on “Station patronage in Victoria for 2013-2018

  1. This is great data! I wonder why Dingee isn’t in the list of V/Line stations? I would have thought it would be the least used in Victoria, given the low population in its catchment. The drop-off in patronage at Elmore in 2016-17 looks suspect.

    1. Good pickup – I’m not sure! Elmore does look a bit suspicious. It could be a data error or perhaps some sort of local disruptions. I had a look but couldn’t find anything though.

    1. Good pickup – apparently not! The spreadsheets on the linked post are all the information that I received. I’ll definitely ask for them next time.

    1. Good question, I don’t believe so. That is why for some years you can see a drop in patronage (e.g. for the LXRA works on the Dandenong Line in Murrumbeena/Carnegie/Hughesdale).

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