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Bicycle trip: Gippsland Plains Rail Trail

One of the more recent additions to the extensive off-road trail network in Victoria is the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail. It follows the old Gippsland Plains Railway Line from Stratford in central Gippsland through to the regional city of Traralgon. All up, a distance...

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Two days in the Lake District

Note: this post was written in August 2017 during my trip to Europe. That a European can fly for 55 minutes and be at the end of a totally different country is still something that amazes me. The same amount of time in Australia would barely get you between two major...

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Bicycle trip: southern loop via Rosstown Rail Trail

The perfect weather forecast yesterday was a good excuse to go for a ride. I worked out a route that took me on a 60 kilometre loop along several trails through the inner and middle suburbs of Melbourne. I had been meaning to ride the Rosstown Rail Trail for some time...

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Why Rotterdam is my favourite Dutch city

Note: this post was originally written in July during my trip to Europe. I have found that sharing my high opinion of Rotterdam with others elicits a variety of responses ranging from furious agreement to simply fury. On the upside, it does stimulate discussion on the...

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My trip to Rhoon

Note: this post was originally written in July during my recent trip to Europe. Every day on this trip, I try to find time to walk or cycle to a new part of Rotterdam. Last weekend I set out on another one of my trips which took me semi-accidentally to the beautiful...

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