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Walking in Wandong Regional Park

One of the good features about Victoria’s fare system is the weekend cap. For only $6, you get unlimited travel within Zones 1 and 2 for the entire day. Zone 2 also extends further out from Melbourne than you might think. This makes many trips into the nearby...

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Bicycle trip: Ballarat to Linton

The Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail follows an old passenger and freight branch line that ran from Ballarat to the town of Skipton, about 50 kilometres south-west of Ballarat. The line closed in 1985 and was subsequently turned into a shared use path running along its...

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The ridiculous private parks of Kensington, London

Note: this was originally written in August during my recent trip to the United Kingdon. It is not often that I find something that frustrates me enough to complain at fenceposts. Unfortunately, this is how my otherwise wonderful day in London ended on a warm summer...

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Some thoughts on Dutch transport

Note: this was originally written in mid-July during my recent trip to the Netherlands. It is hard to adequately describe just how far ahead the Netherlands is compared to Australia when it comes to transport. It would be like trying to compare dial up and T3 internet...

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The sorry history of the Hoddle Street bus lanes

Today we read yet another announcement for one of Victoria’s many ‘zombie projects’ – the (in)famous full-time bus lanes and clearways for Hoddle Street. Current situation I have not been able to find when the current part-time bus lane was...

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