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2019 in photos

Another year, another few thousand photos uploaded to Flickr. Here’s a small selection of some from 2019. I rode my bike up through Woodlands Park and the aircraft observation area north of Melbourne Airport – a great place for planespotting! Inside...

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Tram roundabouts of Melbourne

With 85 percent of Melbourne’s tram network mixed with general traffic, it is inevitable that they will have to pass through some interesting intersections. In Melbourne, there are 19 roundabouts that have tram track running through them. They are almost all...

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Are more people living in apartments now than in 1954?

65 years ago the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW) released the Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Scheme. This formed the foundations for our current planning system. Some aspects, like car parking requirements, remain exactly the same. Combing through...

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Station patronage in Melbourne for 2005-2019

While accountants may be excited by the end of a financial year, gunzels get excited for another reason – new station patronage data! Using the same method as last year, I have asked for and obtained the latest 2018-19 patronage data from the Department of...

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Crossing the Rubicon

Last week I crossed the Rubicon River on a hike in north-central Victoria. Unlike Julies Caesar, doing so didn’t start a war. The main reason for this trip was to have a good poke around one of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in the state. You have...

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