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Portmanteau place names of Melbourne

Melbourne has approximately 320 suburbs (depending on how you count them), each with their own unique name. Some names are more original than others. They may have a historical context, be connected to an indigenous name or have been simply dreamt up by an...

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Where to find the cheapest croissant at Melbourne Airport

After an unnecessarily niche transport post? Read on! The context Terminal 4 at Melbourne Airport was rebuilt in 2015. It includes expanded passenger capacity, self-service kiosks and a large new shopping and dining area just inside the security checkpoint. The 30...

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Visit to Milton Keynes

Note: this post was written in August 2017 during my trip to Europe. I had planned to do at least one day trip while staying in London. The issue was that there were so many interesting places to choose from. I eventually settled on Milton Keynes as I could visit...

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Melbourne’s level crossing for aeroplanes

During a browse through my Melway a few months ago, I came across a point in Essendon Airport which was labelled ‘jet crossing’. Turns out that this is one level crossing that the LXRP (ex-LXRA) probably won’t be removing any time soon. In the...

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Cycling to Melbourne Airport

I had heard rumours of a way to get to Melbourne Airport by bike. Earlier this year, I decided to try it out. Turns out that this is possible – but only just. Route 1 – via Moonee Ponds Creek Trail If you are coming from the north or east of Melbourne,...

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