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How far can you travel in Melbourne for just $4.30?

If you travel long distances, Melbourne’s flat rate fare system works very much in your favour. Regardless of whether you travel 800 metres or 40 kilometres, myki will charge you the same amount for a 2 hour zone 1 and 2 fare ($4.30 as of 2018). I have taken...

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Day trip to Korumburra: railways old and new

Today was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting trip down to Korumburra in the the south-eastern part of Gippsland. Korumburra is a relatively small town on the disused South Gippsland Railway, which once ran from Melbourne all the way to Wonthaggi, Port Albert and...

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Parma: an overlooked Italian city

Note: this post was written in August 2017 during my trip to Europe. Whenever I mentioned to people that I was visiting Parma, I was most often met with puzzlement and questions asking why I would go there. My answer was always the same: for the food. But on my...

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Bicycle trip: Gippsland Plains Rail Trail

One of the more recent additions to the extensive off-road trail network in Victoria is the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail. It follows the old Gippsland Plains Railway Line from Stratford in central Gippsland through to the regional city of Traralgon. All up, a distance...

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Two days in the Lake District

Note: this post was written in August 2017 during my trip to Europe. That a European can fly for 55 minutes and be at the end of a totally different country is still something that amazes me. The same amount of time in Australia would barely get you between two major...

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