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Crossing the Rubicon

Last week I crossed the Rubicon River on a hike in north-central Victoria. Unlike Julies Caesar, doing so didn’t start a war. The main reason for this trip was to have a good poke around one of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in the state. You have...

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What happened to the closed schools of the 1990s? Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Keysborough Primary School The original school in this area was opened in 1869 and moved to this cosy country school building in 1874. Not to be confused with the present-day Keysborough Primary School which opened separately in 2010 when Coomoora...

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The shopping strips of Reservoir

Just before the prominence of private cars engrained itself into Melbourne’s urban planning after the Second World War, Reservoir went through a major housing expansion. Although there was some European settlement in the area before the post-war boom, much of...

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Victoria’s rocket playgrounds

Googie architecture (1950s, 60s and 70s) has not been preserved as well as other periods in Melbourne and Victoria. Many of the examples of this brief but fascinating time in design have been lost to the winds of time. One of the lingering and somewhat surprising...

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Day trip to Lake Iseo

Note: this post was written in August 2017 during my trip to Europe. My three days spent in the north of Italy were nowhere near enough. But I did spend my second day staying in the city of Bergamo to pay a visit to one of the many nearby lakes. View Larger Map I...

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