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Day trip to Lake Iseo

Note: this post was written in August 2017 during my trip to Europe. My three days spent in the north of Italy were nowhere near enough. But I did spend my second day staying in the city of Bergamo to pay a visit to one of the many nearby lakes. View Larger Map I...

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Bicycle parking at Melbourne’s railway stations

I have previously done some work on car parking at railway stations in Melbourne, including this map. Others have also written extensively on this important topic. However, parking at stations covers more than just cars, as accessing public transport by bicycle...

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What is the shortest bus route in Melbourne?

Working on my public transport map for Melbourne has made me discover a whole lot of bus routes that I never previously knew about. It did make me wonder which one of the roughly 350 bus routes in metropolitan Melbourne have the shortest distance. At 115 kilometres,...

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Portmanteau place names of Melbourne

Melbourne has approximately 320 suburbs (depending on how you count them), each with their own unique name. Some names are more original than others. They may have a historical context, be connected to an indigenous name or have been simply dreamt up by an...

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