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Which are the least and most used stations in Victoria?

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently acquired station patronage data for Melbourne and Victoria for 2013 to 2018. This means that we can now play with the data! One of the first questions that comes up when looking at station usage data is which stations are...

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Station patronage in Victoria for 2013-2018

I have recently acquired patronage data for all railway stations in Victoria between 2013-2018. After requests to Public Transport Victoria and V/Line were answered last week, I compiled this data into two spreadsheets for your viewing pleasure: V/Line station...

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Which Melbourne suburb has the most railway stations?

Melbourne’s 218 railway stations are not always where you expect them to be: Huntingdale Station is in Oakleigh, North Melbourne Station is in West Melbourne and Burwood Station is in Glen Iris. This then begs the question: which suburb in Melbourne has the...

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