Railway station and tram stop patronage in Victoria for 2008-2021

Good news! The State Government has finally begun releasing patronage data for railway stations and tram stops in Victoria.

I will do some separate posts analysing the data, but first I am publishing the data below for metropolitan and regional railway stations, as well as tram stops that have been released by the Department of Transport combined with my previous years of data collection:


For metropolitan and regional stations, I have combined these with the previous data that I obtained from the Department a few years ago. This gives a full overview of data from 2008 to 2021 (with two gaps in the middle due to lack of data collection). V/Line stats are also only available back to 2013 and do not include stations on the Overland.

For tram stops, unfortunately the previous data published in about 2011 has been removed from the Data Vic website. As a result, there is no publicly available data prior to 2017 to compare. Yarra Trams or PTV have also changed some stop IDs and names. I’ve tried my best to account for these but it is almost impossible to determine in some case due to the limited data that is available to cross-reference.

Unfortunately bus stop and bus route data has not been published at this time, making my data requests from 2019 (bus routes and bus stops) the latest available as far as I know.

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