Ideas for Maranoa

An easy and simple way for people to submit ideas on improving Maranoa has now been created. Using Google Moderator software, this new method of getting ideas out there for discussion allows people to not only put forward their own ideas, but vote existing ideas up or down to form a consensus.

There is no proposed end date for submitting ideas, as this is anticipated to be an ongoing initiative to continue to get community ideas and suggestions on improvements in and around Maranoa.

To make it as easy as possible, you can nominate ideas and vote anonymously without the need to log in if you wish to do so. We do have measures in place to prevent vote rigging, offensive language and frivolous suggestions, so don’t even try.

Give it a go! Try it out by clicking on the ‘Ideas’ link in the navigation menu above, or visit the following link:

There is also a link at the top of the Facebook page.

Please note that this is not in any way endorsed, supported by or otherwise affiliated with Boroondara Council or any other entity.

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