Where to find the cheapest croissant at Melbourne Airport

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The context

Terminal 4 at Melbourne Airport was rebuilt in 2015. It includes expanded passenger capacity, self-service kiosks and a large new shopping and dining area just inside the security checkpoint. The 30 outlets here vary from cafes to clothes shops.

View of Terminal 4 from above, Melbourne Airport

The need

Croissants are a staple for many an early morning airline passenger. They are reasonably small, can be eaten by hand and are quick to prepare.

Around 35 million people pass through Melbourne Airport each year. With this figure expected to double by 2038, the demand for croissants will certainly increase as well. This is obviously subject to eating habits, transport needs and butter prices.

A made up chart showing croissant consumption compared to forecast passenger numbers at Melbourne Airport increasing betweeb 2018 and 2038
An extremely scientific graph (remember kids – label your axes!)

The options

I conducted a field survey while waiting for a flight last week. I found eight food outlets in Terminal 4 that offer croissants on their menu:

  • Brasserie Bread
  • Brunetti
  • Icons
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Muffin Break
  • Quikshots
  • Sixpence Pies
  • VLocity

All are located in the main food/shopping area, except for VLocity which is located at Gate 13.

The results

My survey results, in ascending order of price (for a plain croissant) are:

OutletPlain croissantHam & cheese croissant
Krispy Kreme$4:95$6:95
Sixpence Pies$5$8
Brunetti$5:90 (cornetto)$11:90 (cornetto)
Brasserie Bread$6$11
Muffin BreakN/A$8:50

On price, it seems that Krispy Kreme just takes out first place for both plain and ham & cheese croissants at $4:95 and $6:95 respectively

Finally, I should note that I didn’t try any of them so I can’t speak to their size or quality. These prices are also obviously subject to change.

So next time you’re hanging around Terminal 4 and waiting for that early morning flight, this guide should help you out. Enjoy!

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