Melbourne’s strange tram stop names

I once came across this curious Google Maps error which placed a tram stop from Pascoe Vale outside the North Balwyn Coles for over two years.

Ever since then, I’ve been paying more attention to the names given to tram stops.

There are stops named for things that no longer exist or have been rebranded:

Others are located on the boundary of where a road changes its name, leading to possible confusion with adjacent stops having different references to the same thing:

Some of the stops on the Port Melbourne and St Kilda light rail sections still have ‘station’ in their name, referencing the heavy rail in use before the early 1990s when they were converted:

Tram stops are usually labelled with the names of two intersecting streets or a major landmark. There are some stops with more obscure references:

While most stops that are located close or adjacent to railway stations are labelled accordingly (e.g. ‘Elsternwick Station’), this one is not for some reason:

There’s also this curious phenomenon when the PTV website and timetables don’t quite match up with physical signs at tram stops:

Perhaps the most confusing of all are those stops that have a twin nearby:

This stop is called ‘Kew Cemetery’ even though the main entrance is actually at the next tram stop, 250 metres up the road. It also shows the perils of naming things after facilities, as its official name is now technically ‘Boroondara General Cemetery‘:

These two stops are on the wrong sides of the road from the things that they are named after (literally all they’d have to do is swap them):

Finally, this one isn’t really that strange but I do love the idea of the tram stop being named after a children’s’ traffic school. I remember going here many times as a kid:


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11 June, 2020 at 12:29 pm

I went hunting for strange bus stop names across Victoria a few years ago.

24 October, 2020 at 3:42 pm

I distinctly remember the then Route 55/68 featuring a stop identified as “Middle of Nowhere” – in Royal Park between Flemington Rd and Elliott Av if I recall…

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