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Today, PTV’s new timetable changes came into effect, with changes to bus, tram, train and regional services. For Boroondara, it’s a mixed bag. Some of you may have seen this article in the Boroondara Weekly Review where I am quoted. It doesn’t give an overall view of the changes, which almost exclusively affect the northern part of Boroondara. The good
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  • More low-floor C-class trams on the route 48 tram
  • Vastly improved frequencies on the 200 and 207 bus routes, especially on weekends
  • Introduction of Saturday services for the route 285 bus
  • Longer operating hours for buses


The not-so-good
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  • Removal of the route 24 tram with no compensatory increase on the route 48 (overall reduction in tram services)
  • Abolition of the 201 and 203 routes
  • Removal of all bus services along High St between Burke Rd and Kew Junction
  • Shortening the 285 bus which will now terminate at Doncaster Park and Ride



The effect on residents largely depends on where you live and what your destination is. If you live along the 200/207 routes and wish to travel to Kew, Collingwood, Parkville or the city, the changes are a significant improvement on the existing timetables. The improved frequencies on these routes will mean that buses will come more often are more times during the day, especially on weekends. For instance, at present there are 90 minute Sunday frequencies on the 207 route. Under the new timetable, this is improved to 30 minute frequencies. However, if you live on High Street between Kew Junction and Burke Road, or anywhere along Belmore Road, you may find that the number of possible destinations have shrunk significantly.

With the abolition of the 201, there will be no service to the University of Melbourne, Brunswick, Collingwood or Kew Junction without interchanging onto 200/207 services at the intersection of Hoddle and Johnston Streets. The removal of the 203 route also means that there will no longer be any bus service along the northern end of Princess Street, nor any freeway services that travel along Johnston Street. There are many other changes, and you can find more information on PTV’s website here:

We live in exciting times.

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