Council passes 2015-16 budget for Boroondara

Yesterday Council unanimously passed the 2015-16 Boroondara Budget. While we prepare for the impending rate capping in the next financial year, Council has been able to include a rate rise reduction to 4.5% while maintaining and improving services.

Locally, Maranoa Ward continues to significantly benefit with many projects being approved for the area. These include:

North Balwyn Tennis Club pavilion renewal – $200,000 to complete the renewal of the pavilion at the North Balwyn Tennis Club off Buchanan Avenue.

Hislop Park drain relining – $400,000 to reline the significant drains under and near Hislop Park in North Balwyn.

Boroondara Sports Complex redevelopment – $300,000 to complete the Boroondara Sports Complex project involving the demolition of the Balwyn Leisure Centre and the relocation of the centre’s services to new facilities in the Boroondara Sports Complex. This is due to be finished by May 2016.

Balwyn Shopping Centre side crossings – $70,000 for further side street crossing improvements in the Balwyn Shopping Centre. These typically involve landscaping, raised pavements and safety improvements for pedestrians.

Balwyn, Balwyn North & Deepdene Heritage Study – $38,569 to complete this important heritage study covering properties in a wide area in the north-eastern part of Boroondara. So far the study has identified 27 potential individual heritage properties and four potential heritage precincts.

Greythorn Tennis Club pavilion – $100,000 to complete the renewal of the pavilion at the Greythorn Tennis Club pavilion in Greythorn Park which is due to be finished later this year in August.


Projects beneficial to local residents are not limited to ward boundaries. There are many other significant projects occurring on or close to the boundaries of Maranoa Ward including:

North-East Community Hub: $100,000 to continue consultation and design work for the new community hub in North Balwyn.

Balwyn Library redevelopment: $203,900 to complete consultation and design work for the redevelopment of the Balwyn Library on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn.

North Balwyn Men’s Shed: $200,000 to work with the North Balwyn Rotary Club and North Balwyn Bowling Club for a Men’s Shed at the latter’s location on Buchanan Avenue in North Balwyn.

Balwyn Community Centre redevelopment: $100,000 to begin the redevelopment of the current site on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn.

Balwyn Park Master Plan implementation: $227,000 to commence the development of the former Balwyn Park Bowls Club pavilion into a new tennis and community facility.

Balwyn East Kindergarten: $25,000 for air-conditioning of the buildings in Minifie Park, Balwyn.


Sincere thanks must go to the council officers who have put a lot of work into preparing this lengthy and detailed document, as well as the community for their input during the budget process.

Here is a link to the full budget:

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