Clearing my council desk

When I was first elected in 2012, I anticipated keeping a clean desk with good administrative order. Four years later, this is what awaited me.

Messy council desk

While my term as councillor officially expires on Saturday morning, I decided to get a head start on the seemingly monolithic task of cleaning up last Friday. It took the best part of two hours just to sort between what needed recycling and shredding from the desktop. I’m slowly getting there, but in small dents.

I am generally quite good at throwing away unnecessary items, but I have kept quite a few little things around that I have collected over the past four years.

Model tram on printer
This little cardboard model of an E-class tram came in a showbag from the 100th anniversary of Kew Depot from Yarra Trams.
Maps of Maranoa Ward
The two maps of the new residential zones across Boroondara and of my ward that I have kept on my wall.
Text on whiteboard on desk
Part of my list of ‘things to do’. I’ve only achieved or partially completed a few of these, but I’m glad to have done at least something.
Letter to the editor, Progress Leader
While a lot of ‘letters to the editor’ are little more than this, occasionally you get to read some nice ones.

For all of my personal faults at keeping a tidy desk, it has served me well. I have quite a bit more tidying to do – the symbolic ‘clearing of the desk’ is no doubt occurring in many other councillors’ homes and offices across the state at this time.

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